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The bold new Ballston Center encourages hands-on student and faculty learning
and collaboration, representing the extraordinary and dynamic future MU envisions for its students. The new academic building houses the School of Business Administration, and several departments from the School of Education & Human Services. The building features classrooms with large  at-screen high de nition TVs, digital learning labs, a cybersecurity lab, counseling practitioner labs, a forensic research lab, a stock trading room  oor, auditorium, chapel, library, art gallery, café—even a ground  oor Starbucks! Student lounges and “circulation” areas in which to study, relax and continue classroom conversations feature bold colors, comfy seating and abundant natural light from the  oor-to- ceiling glass windows that offer spectacular views of the metro area. Students can enjoy outdoor studying, coffee and dining in the courtyard and plaza.
Located less than two miles from Main Campus, Ballston Center is easily accessible by Marymount’s free shuttle. The complex is also easily accessed by car, bus, bicycle, or the Silver or Orange Metro Lines.

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