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Arab Emirates
This unique type of experience allows students to learn about the course and subject material in the classroom and then apply that knowledge in an international setting. The activities and excursions are designed to complement and expand upon the course content. Global Classroom experiences have included:
Historic Preservation
Amal  Coast and Rome, Italy
Introduction to Art History
Rome, Italy
Global Political Economy
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The American Dream
San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Criminal Justice System
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Global Village
San Miguel, El Salvador
The Mystery of the Church
Rome, Italy
B.B.A. Economics with
International Studies
and Sustainability Concentration
Isaiah earned his bachelor’s in economics in three years while exploring  ve study abroad programs and working full time his senior year on Capitol
Hill for a U.S. senator. He chose MU for its D.C. connections, international campus community and small classes with faculty-mentors. His expectations were exceeded. “I simply couldn’t imagine
a better study abroad program! For example, I spent two weeks in El Salvador conducting data qualitative research on migration with Dr. Matt Bakker who was a tremendous role model in his research process and his work ethic."
New Zealand

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